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What a BlueScope warranty means for you

In business, your reputation is everything. Minimising risk for you and your client makes good business sense. Having an additional layer of protection gives peace of mind. A BlueScope warranty will provide confidence that in the unlikely event there is a problem, your reputation and your client's investment will be protected.

BlueScope is one of the leading steel companies in Australia and New Zealand, with a proud 95 year history.

BlueScope products are high quality and made for Australian conditions. They have been subjected to years of rigorous testing ensuring a long lasting performance. Beautiful, durable and versatile, they lend themselves to a wide range of building applications from roofing, walling, fences, sheds, guttering, house frames to water tanks. Our technical experts carefully consider the environments in which these products are located and installed. Choosing the right product for the right environment ensures you maximise your BlueScope warranty and minimise any potential concern by protecting your investment.

Our BlueScope warranties are available for up to 36 years for roofing and 50 years for framing, depending on the product type and location of your build. To maximise your warranty, contact Steel Direct to discuss the best options for your build, or use our warranty estimator to see how different products and locations will influence your warranty.

What is a pre-approved warranty?

Pre-approved warranties allow you to provide a service to your client, giving them confidence that warranties for products made by BlueScope have been initiated and will be used as intended by BlueScope.

A Pre-Approved Warranty gives you flexibility. Valid for 18 months prior to project completion, your pre-approved warranty allows flexibility if any changes occur during that time. Simply use the pre-approved warranty code to revisit the details and make the relevant changes. You can use the Warranty Estimator to see how different products and distances from marine environments affect the application warranty periods*. This will assist you choose the right product for the environment.

* All warranty periods are conditional on other factors being met.